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Web Development

Design and development of the website

The first step in the website creation is to identify the operating area, the website type (showcase, catalog, e-commerce), the nature of contents (text articles, photos, files) and how manage it all. It is essential to understand how often the site will be updated (for example, adding new items or products), the type of updates and if new entries will be managed by the customer itself or by our web agency.

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Design study

We design the website studying the most suitable structure for representing the business online, custom tailored to business needs and traits.

Mobile App

The navigation is shifting more and more towards the world of smartphones. Being present on the market with an app greatly increases the image and diffusion of your company.


For online sales projects we use the most advanced and well-known e-commerce systems having solid security methods for economic transactions and management panels for handle products and orders.

Web Design / Web Graphics

Graphics design and layout of the website

Once the structure for pages and contents is defined, the second phase is to work on the layout which must make the website enjoyable and at the same time make the user navigation easy. This is why the website appearance will have to be consistent with the structure of contents. We believe that a well-designed graphics fitting various types of internet websites is essential to make the use of content quick and easy, be it texts, images or anything else.

Innovation and evolution

The web world is continuously evolving and it is important to stay up to date with latest web design trends to create a website up with the times and that can be modern also in the near future.

Graphics and web design

In addition to a great usability the website must be also aesthetically pleasing. Making the website we keep in mind both aspects, paying special attention to graphics details and animation effects that makes the website dynamic and attractive.

Responsive design

Visualization of the website on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets is different from computers. To keep the navigation effective we develop the website in such a way that the visualization fit the used device.

Web Marketing / SEO

SEO: websites optimization

The third aspect, that is proving more and more important, is the website placement on search engines, since as you can easy guess a website hardly visible would be of little use. It is known that today the On-page optimization (made on the website) is not enough to ensure a good website ranking on search engines. The optimization should be extended outside the website using techniques known as Off-page, such as creating pages on social networks or the submission on thematic directories.

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Website optimization

The starting point for the website optimization is to employ special techniques during the development phase, in order to show the key contents to search engines so that they can index the website at best.

Keywords choice

Keywords are the words that when typed in search engines return a list of websites that deal with researched topics. Therefore is very important to strategically select the most suitable keywords to use for the website optimization.


Among the various techniques used to optimize the website at Off-page level, the best known is to create pages on social networks. We can register and customize the company page on main social networks (from Facebook to Google+).